The Secret Lives of Santa's Reindeer

 —  Written by Flikli Editors

Santa’s reindeer have an important job each year, delivering the gifts of boys and girls all around the world. But what do they do when they have a little time off? Oh, if only you knew.

For their protection we've kept their identity secret, but see if you can figure out which reindeer is which as we spotlight each one.

Reindeer 1

"Op! Op-op-op! Oppa Reindeer Style!!"
This reindeer is always moving to the beat. Need to speak to him during the off-season? You’ll find him in the disco.

Reindeer 2

"Rock on, man! This is gonna be one reeeal Christmas party."
A true rockstar, this is the reindeer to see if you’re interested in throwing a rager of a Christmas party.

Reindeer 3

“Yes, I know how my name is pronounced. I just believe in giving to good causes, ok?”
This reindeer is a true sweetheart who believes that giving blood is the best gift you can give for the holiday season... On second thought, maybe his heart is too big. How many fingers am I holding up!?

Reindeer 4

"Oh, yeeeah! I’ve been training hard all year for this moment. LET’S DO THIS, BOYS!"
This reindeer is always in the gym. He’s by far the most competitive. We also hear he has a thing for Vixen.

Reindeer 5

"Did you know that Santa’s reindeer participate in highly technical holiday training year-round, in order to maximize their aerodynamics on Christmas Eve?"
This reindeer is in charge of overseeing the highly technical year-round holiday training program, which serves to maximize antler aerodynamics on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer 6

"Hey there, good-lookin’! I seem to have lost my lipstick. Wanna help me find it?"
Without this pretty lady, the sleigh lineup just wouldn’t be the same. She spends 90% of her time in front of a mirror and the other 10% kicking some serious tail at the reindeer races.

Reindeer 7

"Watch your back. The Love Doctor is in."
Do you suddenly have an inexplicable love for all of your cute colleagues? We’re guessing this reindeer is responsible…

Reindeer 8

"I bought this outfit especially for Christmas 2012. Does it make my tail look big?"
This reindeer is sometimes overly concerned about style and fashion, but rumor has it he gives Dancer a run for his money on the dance floor.

Reindeer 9

"If Mrs. Claus EVER found out…"
Forget everything you thought you knew about the star of the sleigh. He’s not all that you think he is…

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