Flikli’s First-ever Animarathon!

 —  Written by Leo Dizon

A cat getting blowdried. Tips on making people think you are an centuries-old immortal. Spy techniques for those who suspect their mate might be stepping out on them.

Yes, now for something completely different...sort of: some tongue-in-cheek “explainer videos” we created for our first ever Animarathon (more on this after the vids). Check ‘em out.

How To Bathe A Cat

How To Make People Think You’re Immortal

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

How To Remove Gum From Your Clothes

When software development companies want to encourage collaborative creativity in a short amount of time, they hold a hackathon. We thought we’d try something similar here to stimulate creativity and new ideas on our production team. Thus, the Flikli Animarathon was born. The rules of the Animarathon are as follows:

  • Several topics are selected and presented at a production team meeting.
  • These topics, chosen at random by the illustrators, were then given pre-written, 60-second scripts (narration, without visual instructions) for their topic.
  • Illustrators had two hours to create a storyboard based on the text against a white background and with a minimal color palette.
  • After the illustrators’ time was up, each storyboard was then passed on at random to a different animator to animate. The animators also had two hours to complete their task.

After the competition the videos were voted on by the entire Flikli team and awards were given for the best illustration and the best animation each.

There were some very positive takeaways, including:

  • The production team had a great time on this project and it was a good way to build morale and a competitive spirit among the team.
  • It allowed the illustrators and animators to be funny and inventive, to experiment, to design outside our house styles and let their own personalities and ideas shine through
  • The experimentation with styles, ideas, and time allocation helped us lay some groundwork for some future styles, including a much-requested whiteboard style.

Animarathon 1 was great, and we’re definitely planning another one in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for another round of fun animations soon.