Flikli Favorites - May 19, 2013

 —  Written by Flikli Editors

As an illustrator and an animator, what happens if your creations fight back? UK based artist, Jonny Lawrence, explores what happens when his created animation, a skilled warrior, comes to life. Paired with some fantastic music, this stop-motion animation will have you watching to the end to see who is the ultimate champion.

Looking to build your content strategy using video? Here are some things to consider.

You can find inspiration in anything. A Welsh illustrator, Ed Fairburn, was able to see beyond the lines of traditional maps and turn them into a canvas for his illustrations.

Why Is Facebook Blue? Something as simple as tweaking the color of a button can change a user’s behaviour or endear people to your product. The Science Behind Colors in Marketing

"The process of creative work is what makes it worthwhile, not always the results."

Are you using Vine? According to a recent study by Unruly Media, Vine videos are shared 4 times more than other videos.

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