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Flikli Talks Foreign Language (Videos)

No matter what language, culture, or circumstance you need your video to be understood in, Flikli makes sure your message and messaging get across loud and clear.

by Flikli Editors

Storytelling in the Tech Industry

Our second installment on industry specific video takes a look at tech industry explainer videos, and how you can produce one that's technically awesome!

by Réka Forgách

Flikli FAQ

Your questions...answered!

by Flikli Editors

Creating an Original Character

Our styles differ based on the style of illustration. To really see the differences, focus on how the characters within the styles look (the detail of facial characteristics, body proportions) and the amount of detail in the backgrounds.

by Jessica Mizerak

Forgetting Norms for a Moment or Two

Explainers have proven themselves as a great start in helping potential clients understand what your company, product or service is about, but please indulge me while I venture beyond the popular “what we do” and “why you need us” videos.

by Jessica Mizerak

How You Can Double the Value of Your Explainer Video: Part I

Your explainer video is a superb visual asset and a marketing investment, so don't let it just sit on your homepage! Our two-part article covers various video platforms, tools, and marketing campaigns that will help get your video seen by a qualified audience of potential customers.

by Réka Forgách

Flikli's latest Interactive Video: "The 8-Bit Games: Winteractive Edition!"

It’s cold outside! That means it’s the perfect time to get out and play some winter sports. But for those of us that prefer the warm indoors, we decided to participate by making a sequel to the original Flikli 8-bit Games video, this time featuring a few frostier sports and activities. | INTERACTIVE FUN · Read time: 3 minutes

by Flikli Editors

Behind the Infographic: "Rare Monsters from Around The World"

In anticipation of the upcoming monster-filled holiday, four different Flikli illustrators stitched together an infographic of obscure legendary beasts. Check it out here and read interviews with the artists about creating monsters on the page. | HALLOWEEN · Read time: 3 minutes

by Réka Forgách

3 Presentations That Use Visual Content Powerfully

To help show you what's possible when good visual content is put in the hands of an adept presenter, here are 3 examples in which visual content is used effectively and engagingly to tell stories and support the speakers' arguments. | PRESENTATIONS · Read time: 5 minutes

by Réka Forgách

Video Email Marketing: It’s Time To Press Play

It's easy to forget there's a private corner of the internet where text and external links are still the dominant form of communication and where video is still uncommon. But exist it does...and it’s called the e-mail inbox. | MARKETING · Read time: 3 minutes

by Réka Forgách

You Have No Excuse Not To Watch Your Posture

...because our wellness-promoting video "Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide" has been featured by some of the bright media lights of the web over the last few days. Here's a short roundup of where we've been seen. | MEDIA · Read time: 1 minute

by Flikli Editors

Restrictions: A Creative Power Tool

When facing a wide-open problem with many potential solutions, it's easy to get lost and not come to any solution at all. It's important to remember sometimes it takes a little grappling with constraints to achieve an elegant solution. Explore a classic design school problem with us to see what we mean. | CREATIVITY · Read time: 2 minutes

by Jonny Lewery

Talking About "Posture"

Our wonderful Script Coordinator, Jess, interviews the Flikli team about their experiences creating "Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide" | INTERVIEW · Read time: 3 minutes

by Jessica Mizerak

"Office Posture Matters". It Really Does.

Watch our fun new video to find out why your office posture probably needs work and what you can do about it. | OFFICE HEALTH · Read time: 4 minutes

by Leo Dizon

Happy 4th of July from Flikli!

A little illustrated info about the explosive decorations you'll be seeing in the skies over the US tonight! | HOLIDAYS · Read time: 1 minute

by Flikli Editors

Flikli Favorites - May 19, 2013

Animator vs. creation - who will win? Plus finding inspiration in anything, the science of color in marketing and a look into the newest social media hit - Vine videos.

by Flikli Editors

Flikli Favorites - May 12, 2013

YouTube stats, overcoming creativity blocks, and one man's journey from London to Africa in illustration.

by Flikli Editors

Flikli Favorites - April 28, 2013

What would happen if the elements of the periodic table took on human characteristics? Movies every designer should watch and how thinking hard can wear you out in this week's links.

by Flikli Editors

Flikli x Vidzor: Sneak Peek GIFs

Custom interactive explainer videos are just around the corner thanks to Vidzor. We can’t wait for the full vid to hit the web but here's your official sneak peek...via GIFs!

by Leo Dizon

Flikli Favorites - April 7, 2013

Ideas to jumpstart your creative juices, The Book of Kells and is the future of the web video? (Spoiler: Yes!)

by Flikli Editors

Things to Consider When Making Your Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a great tool to increase exposure and expand your client base. But in order for an explainer video to be effective, there are a number of things to think about when you set about creating it.

by Adelina Wong

Flikli Favorites - March 24, 2013

This week's links featuring an animated paper war, ways to boost creativity and amazing street illustrations.

by Flikli Editors

Promoting Your Explainer Video

Many people know the benefits of using Google Adwords to bring business and traffic to their website through advertising of text ads. But not many people know that Google offers this same service for videos as well.

by Adelina Wong

Maximizing Your Explainer Video

So you’ve taken the plunge and got yourself an explainer video, but now what? How can you use it to increase your sales and raise awareness of your product and brand?

by Adelina Wong

The Secret Lives of Santa's Reindeer

Santa’s reindeer have an important job each year, delivering the gifts of boys and girls all around the world. But what do they do when they have a little time off? Oh, if only you knew.

by Flikli Editors

4 Reasons You Need an Explainer Video in 2013

The end of the year is approaching. You’re starting to set your budget for the next year. Have you thought about what you’re going to do for marketing next year? How are you going to get a jump on the competition? What about budgeting for an explainer video for your business?

by Adelina Wong


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