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Flikli makes high-quality animated videos affordably and quickly. We create attractive business explainer videos, educational and instructional videos, and screencasts that bring your concepts to life in a simple way.

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Flikli wants to make it easy for businesses to get their videos. At costs far less than the market average, we make that a reality!


Crafting animations that you’re happy with is super important to us! If you’re not satisfied with your video, we’ll give you a refund.

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No hidden costs. No added charges. The price you see includes every step of our smart & simple process.

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Send your old router into retirement!

In this explainer video we decided to give old routers a well deserved retirement plan on the beach, to make way for an up-to-date and well equipped FlashRouter. Our vintage ...

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"Flikli has the creativity of a Madison Avenue agency combined with the project management skills of a German engineer all wrapped in Ritz Carlton service. If your start-up is looking for an explainer video, Flikli are your guys." Visit production page

John Warrillow

Founder of Sellability and Author of "Built To Sell"
"We've used Flikli for two videos now and have always been impressed with the quality of the work and fair pricing. We've already recommended them to a few of our partners." Visit production page

Peter Vogel

Plink - Co-founder & CEO
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